The Strength House is Worcester’s premiere strength training gym specializing in powerlifting, strength training and sports performance. We train powerlifters to break records, athletes to dominate on the field, and adults to be strong, healthy and confident.

NEW! POWERBUILDING: Gain Strength Like a Powerlifter. Build Muscle Like a Bodybuilder.

  • 12-week training program
  • Increase your 1-rep max in the squat, bench press and deadlift with heavy, low-rep powerlifting training
  • Add lean mass to your frame with high-rep, near-failure bodybuilding accessory work

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Powerlifting Bundle: Three 12-Week Programs to Help You Get HUGE,  Get STRONG and Set PRs

  • Three 12-week programs
  • In-depth lifting tutorials
  • HUGE video library of exercises to choose from
  • Thorough guidance on important subjects like weight selection, weekly progressions, weak-point training and more

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At-Home Workouts to Become Your Strongest Self


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Meet the Coaches

Strength House coaches Tony Bonvechio and Greg Robins have over a combined 20 years of coaching experience and have both achieved elite status as powerlifters. They possess the knowledge and under-the-bar experience to make you a better lifter and coach.