The hardest part about getting stronger isn't the training. It's the planning. If you're always second-guessing your plan, you'll never get the results you want. Don't overthink your training - let The Strength House coaches do the thinking for you. We've got 3 new 12-week programs designed to be run consecutively to help you build muscle, gain strength and set new PRs. We've test run these tried-and-true programs on hundreds of lifters and they WORK. 

Save $18 when you buy the bundle! Get our 3-program Powerlifting bundle for just $129 ($49 each when you buy individually)

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Powerlifting Bundle

36 Weeks of Training Programs for just $129 (that's about 50 cents a day!)

With our Powerlifting Bundle, you'll get:

  • Three separate 12-week programs
  • In-depth lifting tutorials
  • HUGE video library of exercises to choose from
  • Thorough guidance on important subjects like weight selection, weekly progressions, weak-point training and more

Here's What People are Saying about The Strength House...

"I Went from 174.5 lbs at 15% Body Fat to 179.5 lbs at 11% Body Fat!"

"I just ended a 12 week hypertrophy program with The Strength House. I was absolutely blown away by the results. I went from 174.5 lbs at 15.5% body fat to 179.5 lbs at 11% body fat! I also was able to hit new PR’s at the rep ranges prescribed. My Trap Bar Deadlift 12 RM went from 455 to 495. My incline bench 12 RM went from 185-205. My hack squat 15 RM went from 275-315. All of this was accomplished because of The Strength House’s strategic approach to programming along with tremendous sleep and nutrition habits. I feel healthier, stronger, and have the best physique I’ve ever had!"

Chris C.

"Addicted to Powerlifting"

“I never imagined when I joined in January that I would be in my first competition by October. The progress that I made is placed solely on the shoulders of the Strength House team. The program was written so each week I would improve on my weaknesses and fine tune technique ensuring that when I got to the meet all I would need to do is lift. The team is supportive and amazing and have gotten me addicted to powerlifting.”


"Feeling Stronger Than Ever"

"The Strength House crew are hands down some of the most intelligent, supportive, and uplifting people and coaches out there. I went into my competition feeling stronger than ever. After 7 years of competing in powerlifting, I finally had my first 9-for-9 meet finishing with a 419 lb Squat, 242.5 lb Bench press, and my favorite and most exciting moment, my 501.5 lb Deadlift at 142 lbs bodyweight."


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Powerlifting Bundle

Three 12-Week Training Programs

We lay out the step-by-step training plan to help you improve your squat, bench press and deadlift, day-by-day and week-by-week.

In-Depth Lifting Tutorials

Optimize your lifting technique so you can handle maximal weights safely and effectively.

Expert Guidance

We give you the knowledge and tools to make important training decisions, like how much weight to put on the bar, how to choose accessory exercises and how to progress week-to-week.

Meet the Coaches

Strength House co-founders Tony Bonvechio and Greg Robins have over a combined 20 years of coaching experience. Both elite-level powerlifters in their own right, they possess the knowledge and under-the-bar experience to make you a better lifter and help you set new PRs.

Try Our Programs Risk-Free for 30 Days

We're so confident that you'll love these programs that we're offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied, you'll get a full refund, no questions asked.

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Powerlifting Bundle